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Enterprise – Government Solutions

Public Sector Practice

We’re one of Canada’s premier public sector employment agencies providing Governments with contingent workforce talent and project solutions to modernize service delivery for Canadian citizens and businesses.

Our Services

Contingent Workforce Management Solutions for Government

IT Recruitment

We have world-class tech talent driven by our AI Recruit Suite service. From project management to software development.

Contract Staffing

Our consultants use our proven proprietary recruitment methodology to deliver seamless, workflow-driven talent acquisition strategies that can help you secure the right talent, quickly and effectively.

Project-based Solutions

Wirehead's Project-Based Recruitment solutions offer a proven, outsourced approach for augmenting and optimizing your talent acquisition to manage multiple hires within a specific timeframe.

IT Solutions

With the reliable guidance of our dedicated experts, you’ll have the support you need to make informed, forward-thinking, and data-driven decisions for your Solutions.

How We Work

Our client service approach

Dedicated Advisor

All our clients are provided a dedicated account manager to assist you with a single point of contact and allows us to respond to your unique requirements quickly and efficiently.

Dedicated Recruiter

Clients are also provided a dedicated recruiter that specializes in and understands your technical environment. This allows us to quickly move the candidate forward in the hiring process.

Schedule Interviews

Make the best hire in half the time by scheduling interviews and getting approvals in days, not months, so you can decide who's best.

Onboard & Manage

Help great hires become great employees. Create custom onboarding solutions by having new hires e-sign documents and store all their contractor info in one place.

Public Sector Clients




Crown Corporations

Trusted Partner

Our partnership with Wirehead continues to be a shining example of the benefits that can be achieved by partnering Government with the private sector to bring modern solutions to citizens.” PWGSC


Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements


Professional Services


Task and Solutions Professional Services


Cyber Protection Supply Arrangment

Government Supply Arrangements

We are a premier supplier to numerous Public Sector Supply Arrangements.

Let’s get started?

Client Testimonials

"A truly remarkable group of people. The way you guys listen to your client and provide tech talent in a timely manner should be the gold standard."
B. Chan
" It's like you read my mind. very impressive candidate shortlist and ultimate hire for our Application Architect request."
D. Imperiale
Shared Services
" We chose to work with Wirehead because their full suite of services in finding tech talent really impressed us and helped us improve the quality of our hire tremendously."
Nancy T.

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