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Partner with Wirehead

At our core, we’re an organization of world-class technology professionals, engineers and management consultants dedicated to providing the innovation and enthusiasm to help our customers succeed.

Discover how Wirehead can help your business.

How we work

Source & Attract

Find and attract candidates.

Evaluate & Collaborate

Move the right applicants forward.

Automate & Hire

Make the best hire in half the time.

Onboard & Manage

Help great hires become great employees.

Our Services

Contingent Workforce Management Solutions

Contract Staffing

Premier IT staff augmentation in all IT market segments.

Perm Staffing

Specialized IT consultants seeking permanent capacity.

Project-based Staffing

Workflow-driven talent acquisition strategies that can help you secure the right talent, quickly and effectively.

IT Solutions

Executing a project solution that requires onboarding a group of IT consultants.

Make the right hiring decisions

Guide your hiring teams through fair and objective evaluations so you can mitigate bias, evaluate objectively and move the best candidates forward.

Anonymized Screening

We mitigate unconscious bias by anonymizing candidate data in the screening process.

Instant Sourcing

AI runs a search for the best passive and existing candidates. AI Recruiter is the engine that powers Wirehead's most advanced features.

AI Powered Best Fit

From a full boolean search to advanced AI that knows exactly who you're looking for.

Hiring Plan

Plan, track and manage your hiring and budget while keeping stakeholders aligned at every step.

Automate your sourcing efforts

Contact one of our talent consultants today and explore the power of a full sourcing team. 

Americas: 1-877-214-0807

How It Works


Let us know what you need

-Roles you’re hiring
-Skills and experience
-Remote or hybrid.


Find the right candidate

We’ll provide a shortlist of qualified candidates within 24-48 hours.


Watch your team succeed

Help great hires become great employees.